Honorable Mention: Generation Dead

by Daniel Waters

Plot Synopsis: American teenagers are dying. But they aren’t staying dead. Some random high school somewhere in New England has become known for its excellent reputation toward accommodating “differently biotic” kids. There’s the two Hot Topic goths, the football star who’s in love with one of them, a bunch of dead kids, and the rest of the world that hates them. Drama!!!!

There are two reasons this book won’t get rated like I would normally do. First of all, it’s not about vampires. Secondly, once I got past the cliched characters that I wanted to strangle…this was actually a pretty good book, and I can’t mock it properly.

I mean, I knew I’d hate most of the characters when I read, within the first few pages, that Phoebe, the primary protagonist, had long black hair, wore all black clothes and purple lipstick, and listened to lame goth bands…and Disturbed, one of the worst bands EVER. Her best friend, Margi, was marginally more tolerable, mostly because I liked her big boobs. Then of course, the huge football player, Adam, who’s known Phoebe since grade school and is secretly in love with her, and just learned to control his physical power. This causes problems with his ex-best friend, Pete, who is a big idiot.

I liked the dead kids, because they were something new. I suppose this it what it would have been like if I had read the first teen vampire books when it came out, but the differently biotic (zombie is impolite!) kids were sort of fascinating. I never would have thought what it would have been like to be undead, or live among them.

But what I enjoyed about this book was what was left after all the characters are extracted. It’s a book about prejudice. The people subject to that prejudice are on a quest to show the world they aren’t all that different. The few that befriend the different are outcast. There are sacrifices and casualties. And really, everyone else just makes fun because they’re scared.

It’s like real life, but with more zombies.

The sequel is set to come out next month. While it isn’t particularly high on my priority list, I’ll definitely make it a point to read it.


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