In The Meantime, I’ll Tell You About A Man Named Dan Brown.

School has been keeping me busy lately, and I have not even started my next book. (I won’t tell you what it is though; suspense!) But I have something else I want to rant about within the literary world. Yesterday, one of the biggest publications since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was announced. Dan Brown, after about six years or literary seclusion, will have his new book released by Doubleday.

Now, I’ve been in publishing for many years, and consider myself a bit of a snob about the quality of novels. Enough to know that Dan Brown isn’t a very good author at all, but not enough to rant about it to everyone I encounter. However, I have friends who are English majors, communications majors, and library science graduates that DO care enough to go into long winded rants about his crappiness.

True, every cliffhanger is completely obvious. Yes, Robert Langdon is too cocky for his own good. Of course you knew that guy was going to be the villain; Brown sucks too much to try to disguise it any better. Yup, that thing that happened that one time also happened in every other suspense book in the fiction section.

But he’s not all bad. I’m impressed that he got an entire society to think and argue about their beliefs. He brought bits of history into light that no one knew about. (Not that much of the book was true, as it is a FICTION book. (Something people seem to forget.) But I can guarantee that about half of the people who read that had never heard of the Knights Templar.)

But in 2009, the world needs Dan Brown. Print media is a dying industry. Small publishers are going bankrupt. Big publishers are cutting ties with their imprints. Borders hasn’t had shares over a dollar for months. All book retailers and distributors have seen huge declines, and everyone is scared stiff. His novels are complete rubbish, and my brain leaked out my ears when I read The Da Vinci Code. But no one can deny his presence and influence.

I really hate to admit it, but Dan Brown just might save the book industry.


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