Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods
(Book 1 in the Blue Bloods Series)

by Melissa de la Cruz

Plot Synopsis: This time around, vampires are actually New York City socialites, that keep dying and being reincarnated. They should be indestructible, but something is killing them and draining them of all their blood…yes, you guessed right, they have BLUE BLOOD.










Vampire Lore: 3
Most classic lore is ignored. I did like that in this world, their fangs are in the back. It actually makes more sense to me. Also, these vampires were followers of Lucifer that were cast from Heaven, and have been going through a death-and-rebirth cycle for thousands of years, hoping to be welcomed into Heaven again one day. They keep all their memories through their past lives and everything.

Love/Sex/Romance: 1
There was one sort-of-relationship. One time, they almost had sex. Only one was a vampire. FAIL.

Fights: 2
This does not get a 1, because in one instance when the protagonist is getting attacked, her dog saves her. I like dogs.

Entertainment Value: 3
This was quite possibly one of the slowest moving books I’ve ever read. The main plot (or what was to be the main plot) wasn’t revealed until more than halfway through the book; even the word “vampire” was missing until ten pages short of the halfway page. If not for the impending delight of getting to rip it apart later, I would have dropped this so quickly. But for all I know, the author could have done this on purpose, because the book ends right when things ACTUALLY start to happen. It would make readers curious enough to check out the rest of the books in the series.

Characters: 3
The main character’s name is Schuyler Van Alen. It should be noted “Schuyler” is pronounced as SKYLAR. Not SHOOEELER, or SHULER, or anything else I thought until another character referred to her as “Sky.” Her dad is dead and her mom is a coma, so she lives in a run-down mansion with her grandmother…even though they somehow aren’t rich anymore, or something. She is the classic teen vampire novel female protagonist…wears clothes that look awful, has two friends, but is still somehow GORGEOUS. Then there is her best friend, Ollie, who she finds out is basically her guardian. Dylan, their new friend, who you find out by the end of the book is also a vampire but didn’t tell anyone. Mimi (vampire), an unbearable popular girl that made me want to set things on fire. Mimi’s twin brother, Jack (vampire), who thinks he’s totally in love with Schuyler in his past lives, until he realizes he seeing memories of her mother (and so basically says, NVRMIND KTHX; what a douche). Bliss (vampire), the new girl in school who is torn between being in the popular crowd or dating outcast Dylan…man, teenage years involved so many hard decisions.

Writing: 0.5
With a writing style rivaling that of Tara Gilesbie, how can you go wrong? There were so many unnecessary descriptions of clothes, purses, and shoes, I thought it was a joke. There were brand names I’d never even heard of (not that that’s saying much, as the majority of my own clothes shopping is done at Kohl’s and Target), not to mention sentences like, “He was so skinny and sexy.”

This is the cream of the crop of poorly written teen vampire books. I’m sort of ashamed that this entertained me, but I think I’ll be content looking up the spoilers on Wikipedia rather than read the rest of this series. But, once again, if you are faithful to this genre (for some ungodly reason), you’ll probably enjoy this.


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