Sookie Revisted – Why I Won’t Touch the Rest of the Southern Vampire Mysteries

When I reviewed Dead Until Dark, I had literally finished reading the book only hours before. I was in a state of mind where I felt like I had just read something Refreshing And Awesome. A few days later, I reverted back to my regular mid-20s self, thought back about the plot, the writing, and the characters, and began to realize how trashy and stupid it really was.

Like, the sex scenes. While reading them, I felt awkward. Looking back, they were just stupid. Muddy sex? Post grandmother-was-murdered sex? Fingering with a hand covered in vampire blood? WHAT THE FUCK.

And I know characters not seeming realistic is like using a coffee pot for making Kool Aid (they are both things you don’t expect – C WAT AH DID THAR?!), but while beginning-of-the-book-Sookie is somewhat endearing and relate-able, her transformation to who she is at the end of the story is the absolute opposite of that. And I hate her brother. I didn’t like him while I was reading it either, but now I just wish he’d get killed by vampires.

This is similar to how I reacted to the Twilight series. I read all four books within a week…for some reason, I just couldn’t stop. They weren’t any good, I just really wanted to know what happened I think. I finished them, thought about everything I’d read, and came to the conclusion it was a pile of crap. And I was right! And like with Twilight, I am curious to see where the story goes, but I think that comes with working in books for so long. (For example, I’ve never read a Stephanie Plum novel, but I went out of my way to search the basic plot if for no other reason than to be in the know of the goings-on of my industry.) Wikipedia will more that satiate my curiosity on this – my to-read list is far too long to waste my time on books I know are going to melt my brain.


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